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Valentine's Day Tips from the Animals

First and foremost, do make arrangements for a babysitter.

Be creative! Instead of a standard dinner date, consider a fun activity you can do together.

If your plans do include dinner, make reservations early and request a table with a view.

It’s good to know in advance whether your date has any special dietary requirements.

Sharing an appetizer will help create a good vibe.

If your date asks, “Does this make my [whatever] look fat?” ... Smile and say, “You look perfect to me!”

Double dates can be tons of fun. But remember...

...three is always a crowd.

Is your date shy about hitting the dance floor with you? Encourage her by showing off your best moves!

If you’re embarrassed about being seen together in public, you should seriously reassess the relationship.

No matter how long you’ve been together, don’t forget to flirt. And maintain eye contact!

The rest is up to you — and your special valentine.


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