Through the Lens of Kenneth Coe

In the words of Kenneth Coe

Africa is an affliction. Those who have been to Africa know exactly what I am talking about. My affliction has led me to no fewer than 14 safaris. Somewhere along the way though, I realized that Africa was changing fast.  I wanted to do something about it if I could.

I met David Banks, director of The Nature Conservancy’s Africa Program, back in 2007. The program was new and full of fresh ideas, but neither of us jumped into the relationship. After two years of ruminating over many phone calls, emails and meetings, David asked me to join the Advisory Council of the Africa Program, and I accepted.

Why for my part? I believe the Conservancy recognizes the key ingredient that is essential to conservation in Africa — a “buy in” by the people. Said another way, conservation can only succeed if people living in the wild embrace and have a sense of ownership in the natural resources they have rather than be compelled to mine such resources. I think the Conservancy is going to make tremendous progress in Africa, and I am along for the ride.

The photos in this slideshow represent a tiny microcosm of the huge still intact wilderness that is Africa. It is incumbent on us to make certain that these timeless scenes endure.

View a slideshow of Ken's favorite photos from Africa