A Bird Lover's Favorites

Pamela Isdell shares some of her favorite African birds and why she loves them so much.

“I am honored to be a patron of the African Penguin – a cheekily endearing but endangered bird that lives in the Western province of South Africa.” – Pamela Isdell

“The Giant Eagle Owl is an amazingly powerful nocturnal bird that has a sleepy expression if spied during daylight hours.”

“The African Fish Eagle is the national bird of Zambia. So majestic and such a distinctive call when seen perched on a tree awaiting a fishing expedition!”

“The Woodland Kingfisher is not a true kingfisher but a wonderful heralder of summer in Southern Africa. This bird has an amazingly distinctive call and is recognized by its flash of vivid blue.”

“The Malachite Kingfisher is a jewel of a bird. Breathtaking when you catch a glimpse of him patiently waiting for something to catch his eye.”

“African Jacana  – the famous lily trotter. They literally walk on water.”

“Blue Waxbill – such a dainty bird and such a soft blue sheen to his feathers.”

“We took a helicopter to another camp within the Okavango Delta just to spot the elusive Pel’s Fishing Owl. Such is the determination of bird lovers.”

“The Rattling Cisticola is a most elusive bird. Easier to hear than find but worth the search. I had to include one little LBJ (Little Brown Jobs) as they are called by some trackers!”

“Plum-coloured Starling - when the sunlight strikes this magnificent bird it almost shimmers with its iridescence. Breathtaking!”

“Last but not least is the Carmine Bee-eater. Such magnificent colour and breathtaking to see them nest together so closely and in such numbers on a river bank.” 


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