Ken Coe Gallery

Africa. No other place I know of can match its panoply of colors, shapes, and auras. Photography, even at its earnest, is a feeble attempt to convey its magic. — Ken Coe, volunteer leader with TNC’s Africa Council

The racket-tailed roller, a close cousin of the more numerous lilac-breasted roller, is found only in specific broad-leafed woodlands.

Cheetah cubs will stay with their mothers for up to two years before becoming independent.

An approaching dust devil creates a surreal scene.

An elephant marching scene photobombed by a white-throated bee-eater.

The bite force of a hippo is matched only by those of crocodiles, aligators and sharks.

The saline nature of the Rift Valley Lakes forms fascinating shapes and colors.

The colorful carmine bee-eaters migrate by the thousands into, among other places, the Luangwa Valley of Zambia each August to form enormous nesting colonies.

As evening approaches, the pace of predator activities quickens.

When the dusk falls, lions enter a different world.

An adult wild dog returns from a successful hunt and is greeted by pups eager for morsels of regurgitated meat.

Natural bush fires can occur in the dry season. This one was quickly brought under control.

Elephants can dominate a watering source. Often, it is only after they leave that certain species can have their turn.

Prey species may panic for no apparent reason at water holes.


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