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Jonathan Higgins, Ph.D.

Jonathan Higgins, Ph.D.

Director of Conservation, Global Water Team

Jonathan Higgins has been involved in freshwater science and conservation for over 30 years. He currently supports The Nature Conservancy’s global water priorities, working with field programs and partners in developing and testing new conservation methods and tools; setting priorities for where and how to work; and monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of efforts at the individual site, basin and global levels.

Jonathan has provided significant support to the Laurentian Great Lakes basin and several large river basin projects, including China’s Yangtze, Colombia’s Magdalena, the United States’ Mississippi, and Gabon’s Ogooué rivers, and to Water Fund projects in North, Central and South America and Africa, in addition to national freshwater conservation and management efforts. 

Jonathan is active in panels, partnerships and educational opportunities that support research, development and implementation of freshwater conservation and management strategies, measures and monitoring approaches.

Before joining the Conservancy in 1995, he acted as the senior scientist and project manager for water quality and biological monitoring of Laurentian Great Lakes. There, he led a team of biologists and chemists in field surveys onboard The Lake Guardian research vessel, and was involved in developing new sampling and analysis methods.

Jonathan has provided technical assistance to over 70 regional conservation assessments across North, Central and South America, the Pacific islands and Asia. He has published numerous articles on ecosystem classification, conservation planning and water quality monitoring techniques and applications.  Jonathan holds a BA in biology from Grinnell College in Iowa and an MS in wetland plant ecology and PhD in population ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Illinois-Chicago.  He is an avid fly fisherman, gardener, cook, and jazz pianist, and authors the provocative Straight, No Chaser column in TNC’s Science Chronicles.

"I grew up fishing the waters of the Upper Midwest, and their beauty and bounty caught me. Ideas and opportunities abound to ensure that rivers and lakes sustain their magnificence and the wealth of services they provide to people. We have to work together to make that happen." - JONATHAN HIGGINS



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Jonathan Higgins, Ph.D.

Director of Conservation, Global Water Team