Rivers and Lakes

How We Protect Watersheds

Did you know that deforestation affects an ecosystem's ability to provide clean drinking water to the people who live there? Or that the location of a dam could determine the survival of migratory fish?

This interactive feature lets you explore the different threats that have an impact on watersheds around the world—and the strategies the Conservancy is using to address them. Click on the illustration above to actually see how different changes, such as the building of a dam, can affect a freshwater ecosystem.

In addition to learning about the different strategies the Conservancy uses to mitigate the impacts to threats such as invasive species, increasing water consumption, and agricultural runoff, you can read examples of how the Conservancy is implementing these strategies all over the world.

South America

Magdalena River, Colombia
Penobscot River, Maine 
Yangtze River, China

Mackinaw and Root Rivers, Illinois and Minnesota
Flint River, Georgia
Paraguay-Parana River, Brazil

Invasive Species
Q&A with Lindsay Chadderton

Reduced Water Consumption
Lima, Peru

Floodplain Conversion
Emiquon, Illinois

Climate Change Strategy


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