How We Work

Freshwater Conservation

The Nature Conservancy has been designing and implementing strategies to protect Earth’s fresh waters for decades. We have a thorough understanding of the causes of the freshwater biodiversity decline. 

To improve the health of freshwater resources, our focus is on practical, science-based solutions to help society meet today’s and tomorrow’s water needs for nature and people.

Our Approach

The Conservancy works across numerous focal areas and programs:

Focal Areas

  • Hydropower: We are using new, science-based tools to ensure healthy rivers that can meet the needs of wildlife and people, including the growing demand for electricity. Learn more.
  • Source Water Protection: Through water funds, we empower upstream water users to improve water quality and quantity downstream. Learn more.
  • Agriculture & Water: By demonstrating sustainable management practices, we help make farming more resilient. Learn more.
  • Water Markets: We work in areas with established water markets to create community water trusts that balance the water needs of people, agriculture and the environment. Learn more.
  • Floodplain Restoration: We demonstrate how natural solutions can reduce flood risk to our communities. Learn more

Learn more about our approach by downloading the Global Water Program fact sheet.


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