Global Water Summit 2016

December 6-8 | New York City

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The World Economic Forum has ranked water as the top long-term risk facing our world, and the UN has identified water security as one of the most important sustainable development challenges. We believe that ecological integrity of freshwater systems is a critical component of achieving sustainable water security for all. 

But we recognize that only if solutions are developed at scale will we achieve our global goals. Even more than our ability to implement on the ground, it is the power of our ideas and knowledge that we need to harness at scale. 

The Conservancy's 2016 Global Water Summit is designed to help us collect, curate and synthesize the most important knowledge needed to implement our strategies globally. Building on the success of the 2014 Summit, we will convene experts, partners and practitioners from across the world to share knowledge, explore solutions and be inspired together.

Downloadable resources:

Event agenda


Sharing resources when supplies are thin

Feeding the world while protecting water sources

Repowering the planet with sustainable energy


Water Share: Using water markets and impact investment to drive sustainability

Sub-Saharan Africa's Urban Water Blueprint: Securing water through water funds and other investments in ecological infrastructure

Improving Hydropower Outcomes Through System-Scale Planning: An example from Myanmar

China Urban Water Blueprint: Exploring innovative conservation solutions to China's water challenges

The Power of Rivers: Finding balance between energy and conservation in hydropower development

Urban Water Blueprint: Mapping conservation solutions to the global water challenge



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