Money Grows in Trees

Meet People Who Make a Living from Healthy Forests

Paul Bunyan the lumberjack made a living out of harvesting trees. But healthy forests provide a living for many other people.

You breathe air.  You drink water.  

Sure, most people know that America’s forests clean our air and provide water (for example, half the nation’s water supply comes from forests).  

But besides these life-giving services, healthy forests also allow Americans to make a living.  And most of these folks aren’t the Paul Bunyan lumberjack types of yore; these are workers in the hospitality, retail, recreation, construction, and energy businesses. Some quick facts about America’s forests drive this home:

  • One-third of our nation is covered by forests.
  • More than a million Americans are employed by the wood-products-related industry.
  • Recreation on USDA Forest Service lands alone generates $14.5 billion annually for businesses. 

The Nature Conservancy’s first action 60 years ago was conserving a forest in New York. Today, thanks to the generous support of people like you, we work with thousands of people across the country to restore America’s forests so they can continue to benefit people, water, and wildlife.  

Meet some of our partners below, and see how jobs are growing on trees! 


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