Jon Fosgitt, Forester

Lake Superior, Michigan

Paul Bunyan the lumberjack made a living out of harvesting trees. But healthy forests provide a living for many, many other people, like Michigan resident Jon Fosgitt.

What do you do?

Jon Fosgitt:

I am a forestry consultant to The Nature Conservancy. I have been working with The Nature Conservancy since the acquisition of The Two Hearted River Forest Reserve and provide day-to-day management planning, timber sale administration, and assistance on numerous other forestry related projects.

How does a healthy forest help you earn a living?

Jon Fosgitt:

As a professional who lives and works in the forests that I manage, working to create a healthy forest is very important. The work we are doing on The Two Hearted demonstrates that a sustainably managed healthy forest is not only ecologically sound, but it also sustains the wood products and jobs that come from that forest – including mine.

How long have you been in business?

Jon Fosgitt:

I have been a consulting forester for 12 years. Prior to becoming a consultant I worked in the paper industry for 3 years.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

Jon Fosgitt:

I would say that the most enjoyable aspect of my business is the opportunity to work in the forest. After 15 years, I still find myself stopping in a beautiful place or witnessing nature’s splendor and I feel very fortunate.

What do you hope for the future of your forest?

Jon Fosgitt:

My hope for the future is that we can maintain, and hopefully enhance, the diversity and integrity of the forest. The forests of the future will be under numerous stresses from climate change to invasive species to increased harvesting pressure. Now is the time for all land managers to be proactive and enact on the ground management that continues to provide the things we need from the forest today, while conserving the forest for the future.


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