Fun in the Sun

It's Round, It's Hot, and It's Really Important!

Plants, animals and people rely on the sun to grow food, keep us warm and so much more. Learn some new facts about the sun!


  1. Did you know that the sun is a star? True or false: there are more stars out there in space than there are grains of sand on Earth.


    True | Correct


    False | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

    | Incorrect

  2. Put on your sunglasses! How many 100-watt light bulbs would it take to equal the brightness of the sun?

    4 million

    4 million | Incorrect

    4 billion

    4 billion | Incorrect

    4 trillion

    4 trillion | Incorrect

    4 trillion trillion

    4 trillion trillion | Correct

  3. Did you travel far for your last vacation? It might take you a while to get to the sun. How far is the sun from the Earth?

    150 kilometers

    150 kilometers | Incorrect

    150 thousand kilometers

    150 thousand kilometers | Incorrect

    150 million kilometers (93 million miles)

    150 million kilometers (93 million miles) | Correct

    150 billion kilometers

    150 billion kilometers | Incorrect

  4. Speaking of travel, which state is home to the hottest place in North America?


    Florida | Incorrect


    California | Correct


    Texas | Incorrect

    New Mexico

    New Mexico | Incorrect

  5. Wow, the sun makes deserts REALLY hot! But believe it or not, some animals like it that way. What kind of wildlife might you find in a desert?


    Birds | Incorrect


    Snakes | Incorrect


    Camels | Incorrect

    All of the above!

    All of the above! | Correct


Great Job! How do those animals keep from getting a sunburn? Their bodies make natural sunscreen. But you have to be extra careful and wear sunblock when you go outside.


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