The US Northern Rockies

Stand in silence alongside the clear waters of Independence Lake in the Northern Sierra and, if you’re lucky, you might get to see trout swimming below the surface, black bears or deer drinking along the bank, or bald eagles and osprey soaring high in sky.

And while the Northern Sierra is synonymous with mountains for so many people, wetlands are some of the most important and vulnerable natural areas found here. These wet meadows, lakes and streams of the Northern Sierra Nevada support the greatest abundance and diversity of bird life found anywhere in the region. Yet today, they largely lack any state or federal environmental protection.

How your symbolic adoption can make a difference

By participating in the Adopt-an-Acre® program you’re helping protect, restore and sustain wetlands in places like the Northern Sierra region. Your support helps advance priorities like reducing the fragmentation of forests and working with communities and landowners to support smart, sustainable uses of land and water.

With your help, we can help protect the homes of a vast array of wildlife including:

  • Mountain lions: No one knows the exact number of mountain lions in California, although their population is estimated at 5,000. What we do know is that the mountains of the Northern Sierra are one of their most important remaining habitats.
  • Sierra Mountain beaver: Only distantly related to other more common North American beavers, mountain beavers can be found only in California and the Pacific Northwest.
  • Trout: Independence Lake is home to one of two remaining wild Lahontan cutthroat trout populations in the world — a fish that has been here since the glaciers.

Acre Protection Goal: 188,000 acres

Do something great for the natural places you love and for the wildlife that needs those places to survive – Adopt an Acre® today!

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