The US Northern Rockies

The Northern Rockies is a place where pristine lands and waters stretch as far as the eye can see. Wolves howl in packs, grizzly bears roam prairies, and Chinook salmon spawn in cold mountain streams. Forests of pine and fir open up to sloped hillsides covered in grasses and cool wetlands.

But it is also a place where deforestation has reduced available habitat and where private lands are being rapidly developed. If you were to walk in a straight line through the woods here, you would reach a road roughly every 20 minutes. Development reduces and fragments wildlife habitat here more than anything else!

How your symbolic adoption can make a difference

By participating in the Adopt-an-Acre® program, you’re taking action with priorities like restoring forests and conserving more than 250 miles of streams and tributaries in the Northern Rockies.

With your help, we can protect the mountains and dense forests of the Northern Rockies provide which critical habitat for a number of threatened and endangered species, including:

  • Grizzly bears: The Rockies are home to one of the largest populations of grizzlies in the contiguous United States.
  • Canada lynx: This is one of the last and largest lynx strongholds, so preservation of this habitat is critical to their survival
  • Wolverines: Their population is now estimated at fewer than 300 in the Lower 48, most of them in the Northern Rockies.

Acre Protection Goal: 117,000 acres

Do something great for the natural places you love and for the wildlife that needs those places to survive – Adopt An Acre® today!

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