The US Northern Rockies

For thousands of years, in the rising hills and rolling prairies of the Great Plains, bison roamed by the millions. Over time, fences and highways transformed these once open lands. Bison were pushed to the brink of extinction and the prairies’ rich tapestry of wildlife and animals was drastically damaged. Development, fragmentation and sheer neglect have left habitats and wildlife at risk. In fact, today America’s prairies are disappearing even faster than Amazon rainforests!

But today, as we help reintroduce bison to their native lands at places like Nachusa Grasslands Preserve, we’re starting to see what those great prairies looked like hundreds of years ago … and how they can look again.

How your symbolic adoption can make a difference

By participating in the Adopt-an-Acre® program, you’re helping restore thousands of acres in places like the Great Plains, one of the world’s most unique and imperiled landscapes.

With your help, we can help protect the home to more than 700 native prairie plant species as well as many important birds, insects, reptiles and mammals, that need your help including:

  • Bison: We’re bringing the Plains’ most iconic species back to help nature thrive again. Today wild bison are roaming lands east of the Mississippi for the first time in more than 170 years!
  • Bobcats: These key predators have been spotted on the northern border, perhaps hunting for smaller mammals such as muskrats, mink, beaver and rabbits.
  • Bats: Many American bat species are now increasingly at risk, which makes preserving this habitat for big brown bats and Eastern pipistrelles all the more urgent.

Acre Protection Goal: 4,000 acres

Do something great for the natural places you love and for the wildlife that needs those places to survive – Adopt An Acre® today!

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