The Appalachians

The Central Appalachians’ beauty spans dense forests, long mountain ranges, rolling rivers and cool streams, along with an astonishing array of wildlife. But over more than 200 years, industry and development have been dramatically shrinking the amount of wilderness here. Nearly a century ago, a huge wave of logging known as ‘the Great Cut’ leveled 95 percent of Appalachian red spruce forests, leaving these forests decimated.

But there are still some places where you can stand in silence with forest all around you and imagine how this region once was … and how large parts of it can be again.

How your symbolic adoption can make a difference

By participating in the Adopt-an-Acre® program, you’re helping reverse decades of deforestation and preserve shrinking habitat in places like the Central Appalachians.

With your help, we can help restore the forests of the Appalachians, which provide a home to a diverse menagerie of animals, including more than 240 rare species in West Virginia alone. Some pretty amazing wildlife can be found in this region, including:

  • Saw-whet owls: Their small size and adorable, fuzzy appearance makes these owls a favorite among hikers and bird watchers.
  • West Virginia northern flying squirrels,: We have helped bring these amazing creatures back from the brink of extinction, but they are still considered vulnerable.
  • Cheat Mountain salamanders: Living mostly on a single mountain, these enigmatic animals are totally dependent on the preservation of West Virginia’s red spruce forests.

Acre Protection Goal: 150,000 acres

Do something great for the natural places you love and for the wildlife that needs those places to survive – Adopt An Acre®; today!

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