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Can I visit a Nature Conservancy preserve?

Much of the land protected by The Nature Conservancy in the United States is open to the public for low-impact recreational activities such as hiking, birdwatching and photography. You do not need to be a Nature Conservancy member to enjoy these Last Great Places. Those preserves harboring species or natural communities at risk, however, are not open to the public.

Preserves owned or administered by The Conservancy are managed so as to protect fragile ecological resources. You will find them in their natural state, generally with few trails or facilities. The trails we do maintain or create are designed to protect the most fragile portions of the preserve, and to direct visitors toward those areas that can handle more use. We ask that you tread lightly.

We have over 400 preserves in the United States alone. Lists of our preserves can be found on our chapters' pages on the web site. Please visit the state chapter pages for lists and information on specific preserves.

Many of our preserves are handicapped-accessible; for information on handicapped access at a specific preserve, please contact the state office in which the preserve is located.

October 28, 2016

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