Life-Income Stories

If you are interested in receiving reliable income in the future while also supporting the natural world, then a deferred gift annuity with The Nature Conservancy may be right for you. When you establish a flexible deferred gift annuity, you can choose to receive income at a time when you think you will need it most.

Flexible deferred gift annuities are simple to set up and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Your gift annuity can be established to make payments to yourself or up to two beneficiaries.

Katie and Paul Sholtz set up their annuity to benefit their daughter. When they did, they received an immediate income tax deduction and provided income for her retirement, all while helping to protect natural places around the world.

Taking Care of the Future Today: Our Story

We have been Nature Conservancy members for over 25 years, but we were thinking of the future when we established a flexible deferred gift annuity in honor of our daughter’s 50th birthday. We wanted to give her a gift, but also wanted to continue to support the important work of the Conservancy. We discovered that a flexible deferred gift annuity was the perfect way to provide for her future and the future of the natural world.

To be able to give a gift to our daughter and to nature at the same time is just a delight and provides us with real peace of mind. Our daughter can choose within a range of dates when to begin receiving income, and the remainder will benefit the Conservancy after her lifetime. And though she won’t receive income until later, we were able to receive a tax deduction now.

Protecting the Future of Nature

Travel has been the window through which we have seen the diversity and beauty of the natural world as well as its startling losses. Our travels to all seven continents not only sparked our interest in conservation, but also gave us a unique insight into the connections between local and global conservation. I am an avid birder—with a life list of more than 1,800 birds—so I know that protecting natural places around the world is essential.

While I am birding, Paul is busy documenting nature through his camera lens. Once we are home, he brings nature and the world to the less adventurous through his professional quality videos and slide shows. We both enjoy giving presentations to local community and civic organizations. It is a way to share our passion with others.

The Nature Conservancy’s global approach to conservation makes sense to us both. We have been members long enough to have witnessed how the Conservancy has evolved in its approach and we are continuously more excited about their work. We especially appreciate their creativity and sensitivity to the needs of local communities. We are pleased that our flexible deferred gift annuity can accomplish so many things—taking care of the people and places we care about!

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