Life-Income Stories

Did you know that you can support the natural world you love while also providing yourself with stable income and significant tax savings?

By donating assets like cash, appreciated securities or real estate to fund a life-income gift such as a charitable gift annuity, you receive income for yourself or up to two beneficiaries for life. You may also be able to receive significant tax savings now.

Best of all, when you establish a Nature Conservancy charitable gift annuity like Jim and Monique Simmonds did, you make a lasting gift to conservation. It’s a smart way to benefit you and the natural world you love.

Our Story

We have lived here in Virginia for so long, yet we are continually amazed by the natural diversity of our home state—from the barrier islands of the Eastern Shore to the fresh waters of the Clinch River to the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. It all appeals to us for different reasons. We appreciate these wild, natural places not only for their practical and scientific value to people, but also for their beauty.

But we see the natural world disappearing at a fantastic clip and we want to do something to preserve it. We have been Nature Conservancy members for more than 30 years because the Conservancy is taking direct action right now to protect the places we care about here and around the world.

Charitable Gift Annuity: “A Win-Win”

We are not wealthy by any means. We still need a steady source of income and a Nature Conservancy charitable gift annuity is a great way to meet that need. Over the years, we have established several gift annuities with the Conservancy—we do it whenever we are able to.

A charitable gift annuity offers us a charitable tax deduction, fixed income and the satisfaction of knowing that the principal of the gift will ultimately support The Nature Conservancy. And, as we get older and establish new charitable gift annuities, the interest rate they pay goes up—a nice feature. All in all, we think it’s a win-win situation, for us and the Conservancy.

Nature Conservancy gift annuities are appealing because they are so easy to set up. Conservancy Gift Planning staff were there to make the process simple. We want to help protect what is still left of the natural world so our grandchildren and their children can enjoy its splendor. For us, it feels good knowing that natural places are being preserved. 

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