Life-Income Stories

Did you know that you can support the natural world you love while also providing yourself with stable income and significant tax savings?

By donating assets like cash, appreciated securities or real estate to fund a life-income gift such as a charitable gift annuity, you receive income for yourself or up to two beneficiaries for life. You may also be able to receive significant tax savings now.

Best of all, when you establish a Nature Conservancy charitable gift annuity like Pam and Allen Rozelle did, you make a lasting gift to conservation. It’s a smart way to benefit you and the natural world you love.

Smart Planning

It’s great when you can protect the future of the natural world and your own financial future at the same time,” says Pam Rozelle. “The California landscape inspired us, and the Conservancy made it easy.”

When Pam and her husband, Allen, moved to the Santa Cruz area, they were smitten with the region’s natural beauty. “I spot wildlife on the golf course,” says Allen. “Once I had a bobcat accompany me for four holes.” An artist, he likes to paint mountain landscapes just minutes from the couple’s home, while Pam enjoys hiking the open spaces.

“As a former political consultant, I know conservation priorities can change with the next election,” says Pam.

So when she learned about the Living Landscape Initiative, in which the Conservancy is partnering with four other conservation groups to protect 80,000 coastal acres in California, she wanted a contact who could tell her more.

Then she remembered that she had met a Conservancy gift planner, Ron Munger, on a trip to view the Conservancy’s work on the Amargosa River near Death Valley. The excursion was sponsored by The Legacy Club, a group of exceptional Conservancy supporters who have made a commitment to protect the lands and waters they love for generations to come. Since Pam trusted Ron’s objectivity, she called him about the landscape initiative.

“Pam is a strong conservationist,” says Ron. “We discussed the options and Pam settled on establishing a charitable gift annuity with each of the five conservation groups comprising the initiative.” The timing was ideal.

Some of the couple’s investments were underperforming, so the annuity provided a way to diversify out of a concentrated stock holding.

Pam had already planned on leaving the securities to the Conservancy in her will. By donating them instead, the couple received a charitable income tax donation—and nearly doubled their annual return.

To make one long-term gift is an amazing act of generosity. To make multiple lifetime gifts is extraordinary. We thank Pam and Allen for their inspirational commitment to the future of the natural world,” says Legacy Club Manager Meg Thomson.

Pam has been a Legacy Club member since the 90s, when she contributed to the Conservancy’s pooled income fund. She likes how members receive recognition and invitations to go on special excursions.

“The Legacy Club trips have enriched our lives,” says Pam. “We’ve gone on tours as far away as Alaska. We enjoy traveling with Conservancy experts who point out, ‘There’s a bighorn sheep on that ledge,’ or ‘Notice the shape of this plant’s leaf.’” She also likes meeting other supporters and coming back with photos and stories to share with friends.

She notes an additional benefit: “When you go on these trips and see the quality of the Conservancy’s work, you have confidence that when the time comes for them to use your gift, that money will be well spent.”

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