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If you own property you are no longer using, a gift of real estate to The Nature Conservancy may save you thousands of dollars in income, estate and capital gains taxes as well as help you avoid the hassles of handling negotiations that go with selling property on your own. Best of all, your gift will provide support for the lands and waters you value so much.

Nature Conservancy supporters Sheri and Gene Tepper decided that leaving their ranch to the Conservancy would meet their needs and help protect nature. The ranch will be a "tradeland" which means that  the Conservancy can sell it and use the proceeds towards our conservation work.

A Lasting Gift of Real Estate

As soon as she laid eyes on Rancho Jacona, Sheri Tepper felt like she had come home. Originally part of a land grant from the King of Spain in the early 18th century, the New Mexico ranch was rich in history and natural beauty, but had fallen into disrepair. Sheri knew instantly that she wanted to live there and restore it. In the years since she and her husband Gene bought Rancho Jacona, Sheri has lovingly restored the ranch’s buildings and grounds, devoting immense personal attention to even the smallest details. The result is a thoughtfully rendered, unique and peaceful retreat from the hustle of the world. Today, they live in the main building while Sheri manages the outbuildings as rental houses.

Next to writing (Sheri is a prolific and highly respected author of eco-feminist science fiction), restoring Rancho Jacona became Sheri’s passion. So when it came time to plan their estate, Sheri and Gene wanted to be sure that Rancho Jacona would be well cared for in the future. They knew that bequeathing the ranch as a trade land to The Nature Conservancy would accomplish their primary goal of supporting conservation around the world. But they also felt that the Conservancy would handle the sale as they might, with care and respect for the history and people of the place.

Sheri and Gene know that the sale of their ranch will help protect the natural places they so deeply love. They can also take comfort in the fact that their estate will not be burdened with selling the ranch. Their bequest of such a treasured property is an expression of their belief that the Conservancy will be the best stewards of both their asset and the environment. “We’re not giving up anything,” says Sheri. “This is exactly what we want to accomplish with our property.”

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