Bequest Stories

Lynn Bush

If you want to support the natural world, but cannot make a gift today, you can still leave a legacy of protected lands and waters by including The Nature Conservancy in your estate plan. Making a charitable bequest is easy to do. What’s more, you retain control of your assets during your lifetime. Bequests also may provide estate tax savings.

Lynn Bush took the simple steps to leave the Conservancy in her will because she wanted to make a gift that reflected her deeply-felt values and desire to preserve nature. Like Lynn, when you make a gift through your estate to The Nature Conservancy and let us know about your gift, you become a member of The Legacy Club—a special group of visionary supporters who have chosen to stand up for the future of the natural world.

Choosing a Charitable Bequest: My Story

I come from a line of farmers and loggers who worked the land and possessed a unique understanding of the cycles of nature—they continue to inspire me today. Leaving The Nature Conservancy in my will was a practical action, born out of a desire to leave something behind that reflected my values and wish to preserve nature. And it could not have been easier to make a bequest to the Conservancy.

Memories from my childhood in Washington have stayed with me all these years: berry and mushroom picking in the mountains, clam digging and salmon fishing on the coast and gardening with my family. I’ve loved nature for as long as I can remember and those early experiences outdoors crystallized into a lifelong passion. Even today, hiking in the woods or kayaking on a quiet river are still some of my favorite things to do.

I learned from a young age how to observe and learn from nature and I’ve been lucky enough to turn that into two different careers. For 10 years, I co-managed my own organic farm in Idaho which was successful, I believe, because of careful stewardship of the land. More recently, I’ve moved from farm to forest, inventorying and replanting trees for a forestry company in Idaho (and fulfilling a life-long wish to make a living in the woods).

Charitable Bequest: An Expression of Long-held Values

I became a member of The Nature Conservancy years ago because I’ve always been interested in finding solutions that mirror nature and take into account the people who rely on the land. I like that the Conservancy does not try to cut people off from nature and instead helps them coexist.

I made a charitable bequest to the Conservancy because I want whatever I accumulate in life to go in a positive direction. The Nature Conservancy really reflects my intentions in life and I believe they will carry out those intentions into the future. For me, supporting the Conservancy and preserving nature is an act of hope and faith in the future that gives me a great lift.

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