Life-Income Gifts

Create Income for Today and a Legacy for Tomorrow

A Smart Gift for You and Nature

You can make a lasting gift to conservation while providing yourself or others with income for life and even some significant tax savings. Life-income gifts help The Nature Conservancy plan for conservation work into the future.

Life-Income Gift Benefits
  • Secure lifetime income for you and/or designated beneficiaries.
  • Fixed annuity payments provide security; variable trust payments can hedge against inflation.
  • Possible tax advantages, including an immediate charitable tax deduction and savings on capital gains taxes.
  • Can be funded with cash, stock, mutual funds or real estate.
  • Receive payments starting now or at a later date of your choosing.
  • Make additional annuity gifts or add to your trust over time.
  • After your lifetime, or when the trust terminates, the principal passes to The Nature Conservancy to fund our conservation work.

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Two Popular Life-Income Giving Options

We offer several options for life-income  gifts that can be funded with cash, securities or real estate. These gifts may include secure fixed payments or variable payments that can grow over time.

Charitable Gift Annuities

($5,000 minimum gift)
A charitable gift annuity can provide you and/or someone you designate with a steady stream of income for life, starting now or at a future date of your choosing.

Learn more about charitable gift annuities.

Charitable Remainder Unitrusts

($50,000 minimum cash or stock gift; $100,000 for real estate gifts)
A charitable remainder unitrust provides you and/or someone you designate with lifetime payments that have the potential to grow over time, which can provide a hedge against inflation.

Learn more about charitable remainder unitrusts.

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The field of atomic and molecular physics—an obscure and mystifying subject to most—is one thing that powerfully unites Denise Caldwell and Manfred Krause. Manfred and Denise are helping to protect the wild places they are passionate about while receiving a steady stream of income. Like true scientists, Manfred and Denise view their charitable gift annuities as part of a greater whole—as building blocks for future action to preserve the splendor and diversity of the natural world. Watch their story.


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