Charitable Bargain Sales

Selling your residence or other property to The Nature Conservancy for a price below the appraised market value results in a transaction that is part charitable gift and part sale.

Charitable Lead Trusts

Freeze the taxable value of your appreciating assets: use them to make gifts today, then pass them on to family later.

Donor Advised Funds

Manage your charitable giving through this convenient, flexible and cost-effective alternative to establishing a private foundation.

Testamentary Gifts

One estate asset can benefit both The Nature Conservancy and your heirs through a testamentary life-income gift.

Learn about making a life-income gift that benefits you and nature's future.

View all giving options and research the many planned gift possibilities.

Are you planning for your retirement? Find helpful tips.

You can protect wetlands and other natural places by making a planned gift with The Nature Conservancy. Contact us today.