Gift Planning Corner

Donating Your Real Estate

Posted by Harry Estroff, Real Estate Gift Manager

The Conservancy has special expertise with gifts known as “trade lands”—gifts of real estate donated by supporters who allow us to sell the property and use the proceeds for our work. These gifts provide integral support to the Conservancy, and can help you meet your needs as well.

Here are some examples of other charitable-minded donors who found that a gift of real estate met their financial and philanthropic goals:

Cliff Heselton chose the simplest way to give real estate – by donating his apartment building outright, he provided immediate funds for conservation and a charitable tax deduction for himself.

Betty Anne Schenk owned a vacation home in Florida that she seldom found time to visit. She knew about the potential to donate the home to the Conservancy and set up a charitable remainder unitrust. This type of gift allowed her to support the work of the Conservancy, provide lifetime income for herself, receive an income tax deduction and avoid capital gains taxes. And because we handled the sale, she was relieved of the responsibilities of home ownership and the hassle of selling the property herself.

Joe and Beth Brooks wanted to continue to live in their home, so a retained life estate fit their needs precisely.

Others have donated property through their estate plans.

We have Conservancy professionals who specialize in planning, accepting and selling trade lands, and have helped many Conservancy members find ways to use their real estate—from apartments to commercial buildings to homes—to support our conservation efforts and provide benefits for themselves.

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