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Donating Stock

Posted by Fred Wilson, Stock Gift Manager

Donating appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds is one of the simplest and quickest ways to support The Nature Conservancy. With eight years at the Conservancy, Fred Wilson has been helping members craft the right gift for them. Now, as the Conservancy’s stock gift manager, he explains the different benefits of donating securities, including significant tax savings.

Most people are surprised to learn just how simple it is to donate appreciated securities to The Nature Conservancy. For various reasons, the process may seem daunting or complicated. But if you hold stocks, bonds or mutual funds that have risen in value, and you have held them long term (more than one year and one day), you can consider using them to make a gift.

Why might a stock gift be right for you? First, a donation of appreciated securities qualifies you for a charitable income tax deduction for the full fair market value of the security on the gift date. This amount is generally deductible up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. When you transfer the securities directly to the Conservancy, you also won’t incur capital gains tax. And that’s like saving on taxes twice! This allows you to gain a greater tax benefit than if you simply sold the securities yourself and donated the cash from the sale.

Here’s how it works: You transfer securities to the Conservancy; then, the Conservancy sells them and uses the proceeds for conservation. It’s that simple. Gifts of stock are flexible as well—you can make an outright donation, or you can fund a gift that returns payments to you, such as a charitable gift annuity. There is no minimum donation for an outright gift of stock.

In the end of course, a stock gift is more than just a financially smart move—it helps you support the Conservancy’s efforts to protect the lands and waters that sustain us all. It is a great way to satisfy your personal and charitable goals.

Depending on your situation, it is usually a simple matter of signing a form or letter to authorize the transfer. If you are interested in donating stock, please call our team at (877) 812-3698. We will be happy to answer any of your questions, including how to value your gift.

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