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Jeannie Wright makes a bequest to nature for future generations

Jeannie Wright made a gift in her will to  help protect some of her favorite wild places in Georgia
Jeannie Wright Jeannie Wright made a gift in her will to help protect some of her favorite wild places in Georgia © Courtesy of Jeannie Wright

Jeannie Wright

I grew up in the Piedmont area of North Carolina, and spent my summers swimming in the lake near our house and taking long walks through the woods with my mom a few days each week. She would point out to me the different species all around us—the wildflowers, the birds and the water moccasins slithering in the water. It was my mother’s love of nature that helped instill those same values in me and eventually led to my passion for bird watching.

Many years later, my brother introduced me to the work of The Nature Conservancy. He brought an issue of Newsweek to a family event that included a very short piece about the Conservancy’s 25th anniversary. He encouraged me and my family members to join the organization, which at that time was quietly doing valuable conservation work. In addition to lending financial support to the Conservancy, through the years I became involved in other ways—attending field trips and helping plan fundraisers.

It is so important to me that this once-quiet organization has expanded its reach throughout the world. As a well-traveled birder, I have come to understand more fully how critical it is that we protect habitat for birds, but also for all species, including people.

Working with the Conservancy staff, I have seen their level of commitment and dedication. I admire the organization’s science-based, collaborative approach. They do so much more than simply acquire land: They work with land owners and encourage conservation in ways that deliver benefits for nature and people. One example I find particularly compelling is the grassbanking work the Conservancy is doing with family ranchers like at the Matador Ranch in Montana. For these reasons, I believe The Nature Conservancy is doing the best possible conservation work.

I began serving on the Conservancy’s Georgia Board of Trustees in 2001, and was Board chair from 2011-2013. Currently, I serve as the Chapter Board's Trustee Legacy Ambassador.


I know The Nature Conservancy will always care about protecting Georgia’s forests, rivers and coast—the first wild places I loved. I decided to join The Legacy Club through a bequest in my will so that the work I have been doing with the Conservancy will continue after I am gone. This is a gift I can bestow on future generations and I sincerely hope others will join me.


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