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How has climate change affected your life? Call in with your story.

woman sits on rocky seashore looking out on ocean waves
Peering over the coast A woman sits on a rocky coastline © KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

The facts about climate change are out there.

We know we need to drastically reduce carbon emissions by 2030 to avoid the worst climate impacts over the rest of the century. Every degree of warming we avoid means a more livable planet

Humanity responds more powerfully to stories than to straight facts. It's time to speak up for climate action—through our personal stories.

Help the Cause by Telling Your Climate Change Story

Have you noticed changes in the environment where you live in recent years? How have they affected you, your family or your lifestyle? What keeps you hopeful?

The Nature Conservancy wants to hear your story. Speak up for the planet we all rely on. Leave your story via voicemail at +1 (703) 646-1264 or via email at

Examples of a Personal Climate Change Story


"I'm Joann from Jamesville, NC and I love fishing. It's been part of my life since my dad first took me out on the water.

I haven't done much fishing lately—the salt water pushes further up from the bay now, so there aren't many catfish or perch in the river by our house.

I just hope the river can keep its health so I can enjoy this pastime with my son. I'll do what I can to make that happen."


"I’m Antonio from Mesa, AZ. I’ve worked in construction for 9 years now and last summer’s heat was the toughest by far.

We switched a lot of our work to nighttime because it was that dangerous. I don’t mind some later shifts, but now we’re starting some of our jobs at midnight so our materials don’t dry out and crack.

It’s not easy spending time with your kids when you work all night. That said, I'm hopeful that this decade we can turn things around."

Here's our number. +1 (703) 646-1264‬. Call us, maybe?

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