Photo of air pollution coming out of a smokestack.
Air emissions Methane is a powerful driver of climate change. © Wikimedia Commons


U.S. Senate Approves Resolution to Restore Important Regulations on Methane

Reversing rollback will bring back restrictions on a potent greenhouse gas and bring clarity to regulatory process

The Nature Conservancy applauded the U.S. Senate for its bipartisan support today of a resolution that will restore standards to limit methane pollution that were eliminated in the waning months of the previous presidential administration.

S.J. Res.14 rescinds an EPA rule from September 2020 that effectively eliminated all federal limits to methane pollution from the oil and gas sector and created legal confusion. Representatives of the oil and gas industry along with health and environmental groups support federal standards directly regulating methane emissions.

“Methane is a powerful driver of climate change, and we need sensible safeguards to prevent methane from leaking into the atmosphere,” said Jason Albritton, Director of North American Climate and Energy Policy at The Nature Conservancy. “There is broad and diverse support for methane standards and clear benefits to reducing methane emissions. We urge the House of Representatives to act similarly to restore limits on this climate pollutant.”

Methane, the primary ingredient of natural gas, traps over 80 times more heat than carbon dioxide over the first 20 years after it reaches the atmosphere.

“Reducing unnecessary methane emissions is a significant near-term opportunity and a crucial step to putting the U.S. on a pathway to net-zero emissions over the next two decades,” added Albritton. ”Restoring previous pollution protections will pave the way for the EPA to move forward with a normal, efficient regulatory process and get reasonable, cost-effective methane regulations back on track.”

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