Statement on Climate and Clean Energy Negotiations in U.S. Congress

Photo of a frog sitting in a gray, dried-up puddle.
Challenging Times A young Leopard frog confronts a drying stream bed during a drought in the lower central plains of Missouri. © Mark Godfrey/TNC

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U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., stated that he cannot at this time support climate and clean energy provisions that have been a part of negotiations for a budget reconciliation bill.

The Nature Conservancy expressed its disappointment about this development in a statement from its Global Head of Policy and Government Relations Darci Vetter: 

“Today’s news is a significant disappointment. Reconciliation legislation containing climate and clean energy provisions is our best hope in the near future of achieving significant progress in the U.S. Congress to address the climate crisis. Without Sen. Manchin’s support for clean energy and climate provisions in that bill, it cannot pass. If Congress fails to act on these critical policies, we will all suffer from the tremendous negative impacts of unchecked climate change. 

“While we understand economic concerns about additional spending, analysis shows that the climate and clean energy provisions in the reconciliation bill would bring additional economic investment and jobs to every state in renewable energy, clean energy manufacturing, agriculture, forestry and carbon capture and storage.

“The science is clear that we cannot wait to take major action to transition to clean energy and reduce emissions in order to avoid the worst impacts of the climate emergency. Despite this setback, we will continue to try to find a way forward on climate action—because we simply must for our own survival.

“We must work together on every avenue possible to urgently address the climate crisis. Congress must act on the opportunity in reconciliation and make critical investments in clean energy and climate that will grow our economy and ensure a safer and healthier future."

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