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Paul Kovenock created a conservation legacy with a charitable bequest to The Nature Conservancy.

Paul Kovenock

Paul Kovenock made a bequest to The Nature Conservancy to help nature in his nephew's honor.
Paul Kovenock Paul Kovenock made a bequest to The Nature Conservancy to help nature in his nephew's honor. © The Nature Conservancy

Paul Kovenock knew that The Nature Conservancy appreciated his membership and annual donation. But recently, a life event led to a decision to include the Conservancy in his will as a way of leaving a legacy that would advance conservation in ways reaching beyond his lifetime.

Have you considered including a charitable bequest in your estate plans? Giving in this way allows you to remain in control of your assets during your lifetime while creating a legacy that perpetuates your values. Regardless of how you support The Nature Conservancy’s work, we are glad you have chosen our organization as a vehicle for passing on your values to future generations.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy Paul Kovenock wanted to leave a legacy that would advance conservation in ways reaching behind his lifetime.


Paul Kovenock wants to ensure that the Earth’s diverse landscapes will continue to thrive and support people and nature beyond his lifetime. Most of the time, he expresses his dedication to nature in his own back yard.

This passion is most evident in his hometown of Arlington, Virginia, where Paul mobilized neighbors to remove invasive English ivy, Japanese honeysuckle and other exotic plant species transforming the local landscape, including a 25-acre community park, into a wasteland of weeds. Today, thanks to the coalition of community members championed by Kovenock, the neighborhood boasts thriving native plants liberated from weeds to evoke beauty and provide valuable habitat for wildlife.


Paul’s conservation ethic was also inspired by his nephew, who worked as a grasslands ecologist in The Nature Conservancy’s California Chapter. After the nephew and his wife passed away tragically at a young age, Paul began working with his nephew’s colleagues to establish a Memorial Research Fund to award grants to graduate and undergraduate students engaged in protecting and restoring California’s native grasslands.

Over fourteen years, Paul has forged an enduring partnership with the Conservancy throughout the process of setting up and managing the fund, which advances his nephew’s work in perpetuity. For Paul, the collaboration has served as a wonderful memorial while recruiting and inspiring a new generation of conservation scientists.


It was serendipitous that Paul Kovenock served as a champion for nature in his Arlington, Virginia neighborhood, just down the road from The Nature Conservancy’s international headquarters. In fact, he compares the coalition he built to combat invasive plants in his local community to the way the Conservancy mobilizes diverse interests to preserve nature around the world.

His dedication to conserving nature in his own backyard and his respect for the Conservancy’s work is the reason why Paul chose to leave a charitable bequest with the organization. He can’t imagine a better way for his values to continue after he passes on than by supporting the work of future conservationists to safeguard the health of the planet.

Since Paul chose to let us know about his bequest, we gratefully include him as a member of our Legacy Club -- a special group of supporters who have chosen to stand up for the future of the natural world in a very unique way. If you have made a gift through your estate, we would love to hear from you and welcome you to The Legacy Club as well.

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