Whale Sharks
Juvenile whale sharks A pair of juvenile whale sharks measuring nearly 20 feet in length feed in the productive waters off La Paz in Mexico’s Baja California. © Carlos Aguilera Calderón

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The seas surrounding the 775-mile-long Baja California peninsula are among the richest on Earth. The Gulf of California, on its eastern shore, supports abundant shrimp, squid, tuna and other fish that constitute 70 percent of Mexico’s annual catch and many of the world’s marine mammals, including blue, gray, humpback and pilot whales.

It is around these waters where we will camp on a beach, snorkel along rocky reefs or gaze out on the horizon from a quiet spot near the surf. This trip offers a rare opportunity to experience Isla del Espíritu Santo, part of a UNESCO World Heritage site and Biosphere Reserve and an unparalleled location for observing sea lions, marveling at temperate and tropical fish, or walking along pristine mountain trails and beaches.


  • Guided by local fishermen, tour the blue-green waters—filled with colorful tropical fish—of Bahía de Loreto National Park.
  • Snorkel around Coronado Island, part of the national park’s marine protected area.
  • Ride alongside gray whales and their calves in Magdalena Bay.
  • Visit the historic San Javier mission, which dates back to 1758.
  • Watch for (and swim alongside!) whale sharks, as well as mobula rays and dolphins putting on acrobatic displays, while traveling through the Bay of La Paz.
  • Under soft linens and a stretched canvas tent, “glamp” beneath the stars above Espíritu Santo.