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Wet-Dry Mapping of San Pedro River

Southern Arizona

A small group of people walk along the vegetated edge of the San Pedro River in Arizona.
Wet-dry mapping Wet-dry mapping in the San Pedro River in Arizona. This photo was taken during the mapping in Reach 8 of the San Pedro National Conservation Area. © Brooke Bushman/TNC
Volunteer Overview

Every year since 1999 The Nature Conservancy conducts the wet-dry mapping of the entire 173 miles of the San Pedro River. This takes place on the 3rd Saturday of June with the help of volunteers and our local, industry, state and federal agency partners throughout the watershed.

Volunteers will work with GPS devices to record the start- and end-points of every wet portion along a stream or river, all the way from the headwaters in Sonora, Mexico, down to the confluence with the Gila River in Pinal County, Arizona, as well as many major tributaries.

Teams of 2-3 volunteers will be assigned a 3-5 mile stretch of river on what is typically the driest, pre-monsoon day of the year, engaging the help of community-science volunteers to note where surface water is apparent in the San Pedro River.

This information is one piece of data that helps water managers and scientists gauge the health of the river. Having an annual record also gives us a way to compare from year to year how our management decisions are working.

How to Apply

To apply, please email Dorothy Boone, Arizona Volunteer Programs Director, at dboone@tnc.org.

In person work
San Pedro River, AZ
Volunteer teams are assigned a 3-to-5-mile route along the San Pedro River between the Mexican border and the Gila River.
Jun 17, 2023
9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Early morning for approximately three hours.

Dorothy Boone, Arizona Volunteer Programs Director

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