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City Nature Challenge 2024

People on a bridge looking through binoculars at something in the distance.
2018 Bioblitz Citizen scientists in Austin, Texas participating in an Earth Day bioblitz. © Erich Schlegel
Volunteer Overview

City Nature Challenge 2024

Become a community scientist by capturing observations of biodiversity from April 26 - 29, 2024, using the iNaturalist app. Join the iNaturalist project for your city or area, and head outside to snap photos of plants, fungi and wildlife. Don’t let the word “city” fool you—observations can be made anywhere, including your own backyard.

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In person work
Multiple Location Opportunities
Apr 26 - May 05, 2024
Multiple dates and varied times

Events and Projects

  • Butterfly on a white flower.


    Join us for an exciting bioblitz competition documenting and identifying the vast biodiversity of Colorado. Find Events in Colorado

  • Person holding a phone.

    DC Metro Area

    Use this interactive map to find an in-person event in the DC Metro Area; click on the red pins for event details and more info. Find Events in Maryland/DC

  • A hummingbird at a flower.

    Greater Phoenix, Arizona

    Help TNC and partners document biodiversity in the Valley of the Sun by making as many observations of organisms as possible. Find Events in Phoenix, Arizona

  • A large bird perched on a branch.

    Polk County, Florida

    Register for a guided event, hosted by TNC and partners, to observe and record the biodiversity found in Florida's Polk County. Find Events in Polk County, Florida

  • Two people and a dog walking down a gravel path in the forest.

    Central Ohio

    Join your fellow community scientists in central Ohio for a weekend-long bioblitz documenting the things we encounter in nature. Find Events in Central Ohio

  • A dark colored bug on the yellow center of a bright red flower.

    Portland, Oregon

    Help TNC Oregon collect observations of species or register for a hike at Camassia Natural Area in West Linn. Find Events in Portland, Oregon

  • Two young girls work together to pick up trash in a wetland area.


    From bird and salamander walks to watershed cleanups, find an event near you and head outdoors with TNC. Find Events in Virginia

  • A volunteer carries an armful of cut stems across a meadow.


    Show the world how biodiverse the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area is by making as many observations of species as possible. Find Events in Washington State