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Wyoming Wildlife and Roadways Summit

Elk crossing a road while a white SUV waits patiently.
Elk crossing Wyoming roadway. © Mark Gocke
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Wyoming Wildlife & Roadways Summit 

Our goal is to reconvene participants from the 2017 Summit, bring in new partners and ideas, share successes and new knowledge from the last four years, and generate energy for the next phases of work towards making Wyoming’s roads safer for wildlife and travelers alike.

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The first Wyoming Wildlife and Roadways Summit was held in 2017 and was catalytic in terms of promoting greater collaboration among WYDOT, WGFD, NGOs and decision-makers, raising general interest and awareness of the issue, and starting further initiatives like the Wyoming Wildlife and Roadways Initiative, WGFD’s Wildlife Crossings initiative, new federal funding, a wildlife conservation license plate program in Wyoming, and many other successes. We hope you will join us for the 2021 Summit to learn more and promote still more successes in the years to come.

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Agenda (may be subject to change)

Day 1

  • Welcome and opening remarks
  • Site prioritization process: outcomes from the Wyoming Wildlife and Roadways Initiative Implementation Team since the 2017 Summit
  • Progress initiatives and case studies: legislative progress over the last several years, and a series of case studies from different sites in Wyoming highlighting how science, planning, different funding streams, and partnerships have come together to lead to successes. These are intended to provide inspiration and ideas for how to think about solutions for other locations.

Day 2

  • Perspectives from further afield: lessons from Montana, Idaho, and Colorado. 
  • Pathways to funding through diverse sources
  • Breakout groups: Deeper discussion about possible solutions for specific locations and other focal topics such as funding
  • Reconvene and final words

Please note that day 2 will involve several breakout groups for deeper discussions on specific topics. As we get closer to the Summit date, you be asked to opt in for a breakout group of your choice, or you may opt out of the breakout groups.