An orange butterfly pollinates a purple wildflower.
Monarch Butterfly A monarch butterfly pollinates a wildflower. © The Nature Conservancy/Chris Helzer

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Wildflowers and Butterflies


To boost healthy populations of both wild bees and butterflies, the single most effective action you can take is to plant native wildflower habitat. Anyone can accomplish this, and on any scale.

If you don’t enjoy constant mowing, and want to help our wild pollinators, come learn how a wildflower meadow is the answer. It is easy to install, provides a riot of color and creates a wonderful habitat for bees, butterflies and insects. We will also enjoy an easy walk around Hauser Nature Center's meadow.

This free event is best for ages 12 and up. Registration for our events is required in order to communicate about unexpected changes. Contact Jenny Case to register. Additional information will be provided upon event registration. 

Please arrive and check in 15 minutes prior to the event. Note: while most of our events are free, please consider donating $5, per person, to support this and future events. 

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