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Volunteer Work Days at Ives Road Fen Preserve


A fen covered in plant life.
Ives Road Prairie Fen An alkaline spring-fed prairie blends into a floodplain forest to create a globally significant fen habitat at Ives Road Fen Preserve. © Jen Moore


Step up for nature.

Join a group of dedicated volunteers at Ives Road Fen Preserve in southeast Michigan. In the fall, we cut encroaching shrubs in the prairie fen and enjoy the fall colors and fruits. In the spring, we pull garlic mustard in the floodplain forest next to the River Raisin and enjoy the woodland wildflowers and herptiles. As a volunteer, you'll experience parts of the preserve that most visitors never get to see!

To participate, contact Chuck Pearson at or call 615-500-8229. Participants must adhere to TNC's fieldwork guidelines. Please download and complete the forms, which can be turned in when you arrive for your work day. Subject to change.