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Volunteer Work Day & Appreciation Dinner


We want to spend Earth Day with you, on the preserve, together! We are so grateful to have such a dedicated group of volunteers who love and support our preserves and the work we do. Come out to celebrate Earth Day, our preserves and our awesome volunteers

Join us on April 27, 2019 for our first annual Volunteer Work Day and Appreciation Dinner, to celebrate earth day by working on our Pontotoc Ridge and Oka’ Yanahli Preserves and to celebrate our volunteers for your dedication and support. After the work is done, we will finish the day, in true prairie style, with a chuck wagon appreciation dinner alongside the Blue River at Oka’ Yanahli.

Some of the tasks during this work day will be limited to volunteers that are 18 years and older. When you register, please be aware of this limitation and let us know which tasks you are interested in by identifying them in the comments section.

Pontotoc Ridge Tasks

  1. Helping build fire breaks (adults only; 18+):
  • Two people operating chainsaws (must bring your own equipment and PPE)
  • One person with loppers
  • Three to four people swamping (hauling/dragging brush and logs into the burn unit)

Oka’ Yanahli Tasks

  • Staining barn doors (2-4 people)
  • Removing old fencing (removing barbed wire and rolling up, cutting tree limbs and brush with loppers)
  • Sanding and painting the main gate at Oka’ Yanahli
  • Picking up trash along gravel/county road
  • Clearing fire break on north and west sides (chainsaws, loppers, and swampers - Adults only; 18+)


  • Must bring own loppers, handsaws, and chainsaws
  • Must bring and use own personal protective equipment if using chainsaws including: chaps, hard hat, leather gloves, boots, and hearing and eye protection.
  • Must wear long sleeves, long pants, and sturdy shoes/boots.
  • Must bring and use bug spray.
  • Must bring your own lunch and snacks. (Lunch will be at your work site with your work group. Appreciation dinner will follow close of work day.)

TNC Will Provide:

  • Gas and Oil (for fire break crew with chainsaws)
  • Dinner and beverages (water and Gatorade)

Please advise, some of these tasks will take place on the far side of the preserve where there are no restroom facilities – bring supplies accordingly. Ticks are prolific on the preserve. It is very important that you dress appropriately and use bug spray to prevent bites and disease. If you have allergies, please bring your own EpiPen.

Registration is required.

Please note:

  • Directions/maps will be provided to all registrants via email.
  • Work Days are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather or other reasons. Registrants will be notified via email.


Sign up today to join us for the Volunteer Work Day & Appreciation Dinner!