ALL RIGHTS GA CHAPTER. View of lake in fall, Reed Branch Wet Meadow, Georgia
ALL RIGHTS GA CHAPTER. View of lake in fall, Reed Branch Wet Meadow, Georgia © © Byron Jorjorian

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Volunteer at Reed Branch Wet Meadows


Help us protect rare moths and federally endangered green pitcherplants at Reed Branch Wet Meadow Preserve by removing oriental bittersweet multiflora rose and Chinese Privet. We will also move brush piles and alter an agricultural ditch. Enjoy lunch among the federally endangered evergreen pitcher plant while watching rare moths. Afterwards, we will tour this preserve and you will definitely want your camera handy to capture the sight of over 1,400 pitcherplant clumps growing in a single acre of this boggy habitat.

This site is dominated by shrubs and herbs growing in shallow, acidic soil over bedrock. Water flowing over the rock often saturates the soil, seeping out of the ground. This mountain seep community is unique because it is home to a large number of plant species typical of the Coastal Plains that are usually not found in north Georgia like sundews, colicroot, and meadow-beauties. Join us in protecting the only known population in Georgia of the federally endangered green pitcherplant.

Difficulty Level: Moderate - High

Age Restrictions: 14 and up (under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)

Supplies Needed: Water, lunch, long sleeve work shirt, long pants, closed shoes; optional: gloves, gardening tools

Restrooms: There are no restrooms on this preserve.

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Join us at Reed Branch West Meadows.