A turtle stretches its neck out from the shell.
Eastern Box Turtle The box turtle gets its name from its centrally hinged lower shell that can close up against the upper shell to "box" the turtle for safety when needed. © Joe Cicak/stock photo

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Turtle Power


Do you know what a carapace or plastron is? Do you know how long turtles live? Turtles are among our oldest and most primitive group of reptiles, having evolved millions of years ago. Turtles live all over the world in almost every type of climate.

Assist naturalist Rick Koval as he checks turtle traps and teaches us about this wondrous and shy creature. Wear shoes that can get wet and mucky. This free event is perfect for all ages.

Registration for our events is required in order to communicate about unexpected changes. Contact Jenny Case to register. Directions and additional information will be provided upon event registration.  

Meet at the Hauser Nature Center to carpool to site. Please arrive and check in 15 minutes prior to the event. 

Note: While most of our events are free, please consider donating $5, per person, to support this and future events. 

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