Hiker looking at plant on TNC Preserve
Plants Hiker looking at plant on TNC Preserve © Ben Herndon

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Sycan Marsh Guided Plant Tour


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Sycan Marsh Preserve, located on the Pacific Flyway, is a vast, verdant wetland in the upper reaches of the Klamath Basin. This site is home to thousands of nesting and migrating birds, threatened fish and newly discovered aquatic creatures. The preserve is a key site for research and restoration of wetland and forest ecosystems.

Join preserve staff on a plant tour of Sycan Marsh. We will share information on the various families of plants, giving special attention to potential human uses of plants and wetland carnivorous plants! From the meeting location we will drive to multiple sites where we will get out and walk along unpaved roads that take you into the heart of the Marsh. 

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Join TNC staff on a guided plant tour of our Sycan Marsh Preserve in Southern Oregon.