Volunteers at Sharon Fen near Ashland, OR

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Sharon Fen Volunteer Work Party


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Located below Grizzly Peak near Ashland is a highly unusual quaking fen—a 20-acre lake with floating mats of vegetation thick enough to walk on. A fen is a peat-forming wetland fed by nutrient-rich runoff or groundwater. A mosaic of plant communities forms the floating mats, and the surrounding forests harbor a diversity of wetlands including, at the other end of the nutrient spectrum, a quaking bog. Within the conservation easement is “EarthTeach Forest Park,” created by the Way Foundation to promote ecological restoration and awareness. 

Volunteers will meet at The Nature Conservancy's Ashland office and carpool to this site to perform general road and trail maintenance and remove invasive plants. Registration is required. 

Meeting location: The Nature Conservancy’s Ashland Field Office at 647 Washington Street, Ashland, OR 97520

Kids ages 11+ are welcome to join with adults.

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Join us for a day of volunteer work at Sharon Fen near Ashland, OR!