Great blue heron and red-­winged blackbird
Birds in Flight Great blue heron and red-­winged blackbird © © Tulus Simatupang

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City Nature Challenge at Thousand Acre Swamp Preserve

New York

The Nature Conservancy is working around the world and right here in Rochester to demonstrate what nature can do for cities—and what cities can do for nature. You can help by joining us for the City Nature Challenge, in which Rochester will compete with over 150 cities all around the world to make the most observations of nature over a four-day period. At our Thousand Acre Swamp preserve, one of the city’s largest wetlands, we’ll take photos of as many wild animals and plants as we can find, upload them for expert identification through the iNaturalist App, and help gain a better understanding of nature in our city. Our group will be led by conservation staff member Darran Crabtree.

You can download the iNaturalist app on your mobile phone at the App Store or on Google Play.

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