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Butternut Hill Natural Area PRIDE Hike


Image of Butternut Hill Natural area. Shrubs to the right of the image and on the left the shale beach lakeshore of the park.
Butternut Hill Champlain lake shore beach at Butternut Hill, Vermont. © Binhammer


Co-hosted by Audubon Vermont, Pride Center of Vermont, Outright Vermont and The Nature Conservancy Vermont. 

LGBTQIA++ hikers (and birders) are gathering in North Hero along the shores of Lake Champlain. The mile-long trail at Butternut Hill winds through floodplain forests, cedar pine forests and cobble shorelines while offering a great southerly view of Lake Champlain. There is a beautiful walkout to a point of land overlooking the water and two nice shale beaches that someday could support nesting soft-shell turtles.

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