Red-shouldered hawk in the suburbs
Red-shouldered hawk Red-shouldered hawk in the suburbs © Cara Byington/TNC

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Photo Essay: Hawk Banding


Learn how raptors are caught and banded through Bissell Nature Center volunteer, David Orndoff's stunning photographs and stories of his experience with a banding crew in New York state.

The group will meet at the Dr. James K. Bissell Nature Center which is located  within the Grand River Conservation Campus on the Morgan Swamp Preserve .

At nearly 2,000 acres, The Nature Conservancy’s Morgan Swamp Preserve is one of the largest privately protected forested wetlands in Ohio. The swamp is home to an abundance of wetlands including swamps, bogs, beaver ponds and vernal pools. A rich diversity of plants and animals call it home, from the beautiful white calla lily to the tiny four-toed salamander hidden among the vernal pools. 

Free and open to the public.

For more information and to register, please contact: or 440-563-3081 x 301