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Peak Bloom at Eshqua Bog

A closeup of lady slipper orchids at Eshqua Bog Natural Area.
Lady Slippers at Eshqua Bog Showy lady's slippers at Eshqua Bog Natural Area in Vermont. © Sarah Wakefield


Come witness the show of wild orchids at Eshqua Bog Natural Area during peak bloom. Join TNC staff to learn about the ecology of these stunning plants, including showy lady’s slippers, and the unique environment that they thrive in.

Our tour will be based on the Eshqua Boardwalk, which is a Universal Boardwalk accessible to all. This natural area also includes an accessible parking spot.

Please bring comfortable walking shoes. The tour is free but will be limited to 18 people and will be first come first served on a reservation basis. 

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