A small gray and brown owl perches on a moss covered tree branch.
Northern Saw-Whet Owl Hutton, a Northern Saw-Whet Owl, at the Mountsberg Raptor Centre in Campbellville, Ontario. She was hit by a car in 2008,and lost her sight, making her unable to be released back into the wild. © Megan Lorenz

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Let's Talk About Climate

Pennsylvania / Delaware

Talking about climate change doesn’t have to be scary or divisive. The Nature Conservancy has created an easy to use 5-step guide to help get the conversation started.

During this virtual event we will walk you through the guide, provide local examples and offer anecdotes to show that we can talk about climate. Your voice has the power to get real dialogue started. 

We look forward to exploring these tools meant to best empower concerned people like you to talk about climate change.

This discussion will be led by a panel of TNC staff from Pennsylvania and Delaware along with a guest appearance from Harrisburg ABC27 News meteorologist "Doppler Dan" Tomaso.

Join Us

Register online for this virtual event and to download the Talk About Climate guide in advance.