Volunteers helping with tree and brush removal
Ottawa Bluffs Volunteers helping with tree and brush removal © Flannery Delaney

The fall workdays in September and October we will be collecting prairie seed to  use next year in our Ottawa Bluffs restoration efforts.  We may also work on controlling the buckthorn and sumac. Starting in November and continuing through the winter, we will continue our usual winter activity of thinning the oak savanna areas.  The tall grasses are especially colorful in the fall and are highlighted by late blooming asters and golden rods.   

Fall Workday Dates:
September 22  (seed collection and brush control) 
October 6  (seed collection and brush control) 
October 20  (seed collection and brush control) 

Winter Workday Dates:
November 10 (tree and brush removal) 
December 1 (tree and brush removal) 
December 15 (tree and brush removal) 

All workdays start at 10 AM and end around 3 PM. Please bring a lunch, plenty of water, appropriate (sturdy) foot wear and work gloves. Leather gloves work best. Dress in layers. Rain, snow, or shine, we will be there! Thunderstorms may make us head for the cars, but if there is a chance the weather will clear, we will resume the workday.


For information about upcoming Ottawa Bluffs workdays, contact the Conservancy during normal business hours at (612) 331-0751. Email Minnesota Volunteer (mnvolunteer@tnc.org) to sign up for the monthly volunteer e-newsletter.