Clean up on Ormond Beach.
Ormond Beach Clean up on Ormond Beach. © TNC

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Ormond Beach Coastal Cleanup Day


Coastal Cleanup Day is an annual Ventura County-wide beach clean-up event. Please join us on September 21st at The Nature Conservancy's Ormond Beach Wetlands, one of the 20 cleanup sites in 2019. Coastal Cleanup Day is a rewarding opportunity to give something back to the community and the environment by spending just three hours of your morning picking up trash while enjoying the beach. 

The mission of Coastal Cleanup Day is to remove debris from our beaches and waterways, identify the sources of marine debris, and ultimately to change the behaviors that cause pollution. 

You can make your contribution even greater and cut down on the trash created at the Cleanup by bringing your own reusable supplies (water bottle, gardening gloves, trash bucket etc.). Safety is our priority, so please wear a hat, sunscreen, gloves, and closed-toe shoes and come on out for a fun day on the beach!

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