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Hands-On Habitat Demonstration Field Day

Oklahoma | Pontotoc Ridge Preserve

Three men demonstrating soil health at a field day event stand in front of a large mound of soil.
Soil Health Jimmy Emmons showing nutrient rich topsoil during a field day demonstration in Hugo, Oklahoma. © Courtesy of Jimmy Emmons


The Nature Conservancy of Oklahoma and Oaks & Prairies Joint Venture invite local farmers, ranchers and landowners to attend a free, hands-on demonstration day at the Pontotoc Ridge Preserve near Ada on Saturday, June 11.

Attendees will learn about beneficial land-management practices from conservation and stewardship experts across Oklahoma. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. The event is limited to 30 individuals, and registration is required. See below for details.

Event Topics Will Include

  • Targeted Efforts Can Make a Difference at Scale
    Alan Peoples, Watershed Coordinator, Oka' The Water Institute
  • Fire and Habitat Resiliency
    John Weir, Associate Extension Specialist, OSU Extension
  • How to Get Involved in a Burn Association
    Clay Horton, Pontotoc Ridge Prescribed Burn Association
  • Climate Impacts on Seasonal Cycles and Effects on Agriculture, Ranching and Conservation
    Priscilla Crawford, Conservation Specialist, Oklahoma Biological Survey
  • Field Exercise: Native vs. Invasive Species—How Much Do You Know?
    Amy Buthod, Botanist, Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory
  • Field Exercise: Burned vs. Unburned Land—Spot the Difference
    Jeanine Lackey, Blue River and Arbuckle Plains Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy
Eastern tiger swallowtail alighting on blooming prairie blazing star at the Pontotoc Ridge Preserve.
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail The Pontotoc Ridge Preserve at its most natural state with bright butterflies fluttering around a sea of blooming prairie blazing star. © Jeanine Lackey/TNC