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North Pawlet Hills Traverse


Aerial view of rolling hills covered with dense green forests, with farmland abutting the lower edge of the woods.
North Pawlet Natural Area Aerial view of the unfragmented forests of our North Pawlet Natural Area, Vermont. © Bob Klein


Join us for a re-creation of the epic hike that got TNC interested in conserving North Pawlet Hills in the first place! We will start on the west side of the hills, hike on logging roads and off-trail to the low summit of 1,300-foot Simmonds Hill, where we’ll see the rare, savannah-like dry oak woodland natural community. Then we'll climb off-trail to the top of 1,900-foot Middle Mountain, then descend to the Haystack Mountain trail on the east side of the ridge. 

This is a somewhat challenging hike on rough terrain, mostly off-trail. But we hope to see some of the special features and species that made our conservation staff excited to conserve this very special place. Bring a lunch, water and bug repellent for this epic hike—we’ll spot a couple of cars on the east side to ferry drivers back to their vehicles.

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This event is free and open to the public.